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All undergraduate programmes at the FMHS (including clinical training, assessments and examinations) will be in obligatory recess from 18 March until 14 April 2020.

Details around the adaptations to be made to our undergraduate programmes, will be communicated by the relevant programme coordinators.



Please note all postgraduate programmes and research will continue until further notice. Postgraduate students are encouraged to contact their supervisors regarding their programme.

Please click here​ to read more about the embargo placed on research that requires face-to-face interaction with participants.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Science's Doctoral Office will not manage walk-in enquiries until further notice. The staff in the Doctoral Office will work from home and are fully equipped to do so. The Doctoral Office will ensure that normal levels of service are maintained and will respond to your requests electronically.

Please contact Dr Chabilall on if you are require any assistance especially with PhD matters. You may contact Ms Bronwyn Coombs ( for postdoctoral matters and Ms Nicoline Cockrell ( regarding Research Master's examination.



The University has imposed a temporary ban on all international travel for staff and students. This ban also extends to international guests visiting the University. The travel embargo will be in place until 30 June 2020. Staff and students who are abroad at the moment will have to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days when they return. While the University cannot prohibit staff and students from traveling in their private capacity, we urge individuals to please act responsibly in making plans that involve international travel. On your return you will also be expected to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days. To limit the risk of the spread of COVID-19, staff and students who do contract the virus due to private travel, will not be allowed to return to work, class or a residence until they are medically fit to do so." 

The current protocol around international travel can be viewed here >

International students/visitors can view the National Institute of Communicable Diseases' advice for returning travellers here >

Please make sure to consult the government's travel advice.

Stellenbosch University students and staff currently abroad
Please follow the instructions and recommendations of the host university. If you have specific questions about your international assignment (e.g. exchange programme), you first need to consult your host university or institution because they are best acquainted with their local environment. Please follow their recommendations and advice.

  • If you decide to return home due to a personal decision, request/recommendation from your host institution where you are abroad, or the South African government, it is important to note that you will need to observe the 14 days of self-isolation. Entering South Africa from High Risk countries could mean that more steps will be required of returning travelers by the South African government.   
  • If you are planning to return home, please send an email to 
  • Students who are planning to return should carefully consult the travel information from the respective airlines and travel advisories of the South African government. 
  • This is a difficult and stressful time for everyone. The WHO recently brought out this guideline with suggestions and tips:   
  • Please note that you can always reach out to the Tygerberg International Office (TIO) for support and the TIO can schedule SKYPE sessions with you, if you have specific concerns you would like addressed or need any support. Your well-being is of importance to us. Please contact Ms Nicky Blows on or or dial 021 938 9086 at the Tygerberg International Office for assistance with international traveling queries. 

Leaving and returning at a later stage

Note that the above also applies to staff or students who leave South Africa, with intent to return at a later stage. Note that your visa may be revoked upon re-entry. Students and staff are advised to be aware that in cases where your home country is not currently identified as a high- risk country, this status could change, and you may not be allowed to re-enter. Please consider this as you make your travel plans.  

Stellenbosch University students and staff who planned to depart from South Africa, but have not departed yet: 
Please consider current travel bans should you consider travel go abroad during this general period. TIO therefore recommends that if you are still planning to travel (which we discourage you to do), please take note of the following Stellenbosch University announcement regarding private travel:  
Extension or renewal of your visa/study permit
If you are awaiting an extension or renewal of your visa and are already in South Africa, the normal process applies and you will not be impacted. The risk of having a visa revoked or refused only applies to those outside of the country applying for a visa.  For any queries regarding immigration matters contact to 



Due to the latest developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity for social distancing to keep the infection curve down, a decision has been made to close all library buildings from Saturday, 21 March 2020 until further notice. Library staff will continue to provide services and resources to support students and staff. More information >

They are fully available online. Please see links below for library support and contact details for all librarians. This guide also include all relevant information regarding support.



If you are a student currently residing in a Tygerberg Campus residence, you may opt to vacate your residence or remain on the campus. Kindly note that in both cases, certain rules will be applied.

If you are vacating your Tygerberg Campus residence:

Please indicate your intention to leave your residence by responding on our online google form which can be accessed here:  

It is your responsibility to ensure that all your future meal bookings are cancelled.

Please vacate your room entirely (including all your personal belongings) by Friday 20 March. You may request to store your goods on campus. Should you have any questions about vacating your room or storage facilities, please inform your Residence Head.

Once you have left your accommodation, you will only be allowed to return on 14 April 2020 unless stated otherwise. 

If you are staying in your Tygerberg Campus residence: 

Please complete our online google form, which can be accessed here:  

Please note that you may be requested to move into another room and/or residence at any point.

From Friday, 20 March 2020 at 16:00 visitors will be restricted. Please liaise with your Residence Head for more information on visitors protocols. 

For more information, please contact the Centre for Student Communities on 021 938 9148 or consult your Residence Head. 

If you have any challenges that you cannot overcome personally or with the help of family and friends, please contact our Centre for Student Communities at or (021) 808 3064 during office hours. Counselling services are available to students who feel the need to talk to someone. Please contact our Centre for Student Counselling and Development at (021) 808 4994 (office hours) or the 24-hour crisis service at (010) 205 3032 (after hours).