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Current Projects


The Chair is currently busy with the following undergraduate research projects in 2019:

1. Design of tools and methods to remove parts from the armature shafts of traction motors
2. The design of a safe hauling system for 8M train sets
3. The adaption of a coil winding machine
4. Development of a passenger counting system incorporating facial recognition for the passenger rail environment
5. Feasibility study of the Du Noon corridor 
6. Adaptive Performance assessment of frontline supervisors in light of the lurking industry 4.0
7. Investigation of a Supply Chain Decision Model for the Allocation of Vandalised Rolling Stock
8. The application of reality technology in learning factory maintenance: a case study of rail rolling stock
9. An Industry 4.0 maintenance roadmap for railway assets
10. Using assisted reality for inspection and fault finding 
11. Sequencing of maintenance tasks to optimise resources
12. Economic risk analysis to protect assets
13. The application of digitisation to blend maintenance with the 4th industrial revolution
14. Investigate and design a scheduling model to improve the scheduling of trains, coaches and passenger loads for railway operations