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Community Projects

The public image of PRASA and its subsidiaries needs to be enhanced when it comes to the general public. Issues like reliability, safety and comfort of travel play a major role in positively influencing this image.

For this reason, the PRASA Chair is launching outreach programs aimed at improving and promoting the rail industry as a whole. A full program is being developed with special attention given to young learners in schools. It will include, but not be limited to, the following:

    • Rail Open Days (ROD's) where schools will be invited to visit PRASA stations and depots to learn about planning, scheduling, rail crossing safety, etc.
    • Logo and composition competitions with rail-related prizes.
    • Hand-outs and goody bags for schools which will include rail-related board games, recyclable shoes and high-visibility shoulder bags.
    • Visits to the PRASA Laboratory to test the computer-based simulations and model sets.

The ultimate aim is to create a positive awareness in the rail industry and thereby encourage a movement back to rail transport. It is also hoped that the programs will enthuse young people to become rail conscious and choose rail engineering as their final careers.

Government bodies and industries are encouraged to participate in these programs by sponsorships and support. ​

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