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Workshop Seminars

​Workshops and Seminars form a key approach of our facilitated knowledge transfer to PRASA. From the research reports that are compiled PRASA, together with the PRASA Chair. decide how to best disseminate the knowledge that has been gained by means of academic research throughout PRASA. This can either take place via the MDW platform, or the Management Course or alternatively by means of workshops and seminars.

The workshops are normally structured to take one to two hours and are presented at the various regional PRASA sites. Seminars are built around a central theme and that is handled over one or more days. They are normally hosted at Stellenbosch or centrally at PRASA's Head Office in Gauteng.

At the end of each year PRASA organises a multiday internal conference. A PRASA Chair seminar is incorporated into this conference where the most exciting research developments of the past year are presented to the entire Engineering Services management team.

In September 2013 the PRASA Chair hosted a seminar at Stellenbosch dedicated to showcasing the various areas where simulation can be used as a tool in improving activities within a rail environment. The following topics were presented:

  • Dr J. Bekker - Introduction to Simulation​
  • P. Conradie –The use of Finite Element Modelling to simulate mechanical structures
  • Dr P.J. Randenwijk–Simulating the electrical load-flow for regeneration in rail
  • Prof Fourie–Modelling the flow of pedestrians in a Railway Station
  • K Rommelspacher - Simulation of maintenance facility layout
  • T.G. Tendayi - The use of AnyLogic for simulation in Rail
  • A. Fenske–The use SIMU  for simulation track capacities