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Completed Projects

Between 2011 and 2018, the Chair completed the following postgraduate research projects. If you require any of the Executive Summaries or wish to know more about any of these topics, please contact us via e-mail.

  1. A Risk and Cost Management Model for Changes during the Construction Phase of a Civil Engineering Project
  2. The Recommendation and Validation of an appropriate Physical Asset Management Policy for PRASA's Metrorail Division
  3. An Investigation into the Applicability of Lean Thinking in an Operational Maintenance Environment
  4. Reducing Risk in Large Scale Projects: Investigating the Integration of Systems Engineering Principles into Project Management
  5. Value-Adding Business Process Modelling: Determining the Suitability of a Business Process Modelling Technique for a Given Application.
  6. Effects of Modelling Simplifications in FEA of Railway wheels
  7. System Analysis for Improved Energy Recovery in a Regenerative Electrical Traction Network
  8. Development of an integrated numerical method for the fatigue analysis of railway bogies
  9. Understanding Reliability of Railway Infrastructure
  10. Implementation of artificial neural networks for the remaining useful life estimation of traction motor winding insulation
  11. Application of reliability analysis for performance assessments in railway infrastructure asset management
  12. A Decision Support Model to Improve Rolling Stock Maintenance Scheduling based on Reliability and Cost
  13. Quantifying System Reliability in Rail Transportation in an Aging Fleet Environment.
  14. A Systematic Approach to Enterprise Risk Management.
  15. A Risk-reliability Comparison of Track Sections in the Passenger Railway Industry
  16. Integration of Lean Principles into Maintenance Supply Chains.
  17. Modelling service reliability of a heterogeneous train fleet operating on aged infrastructure‚Äč