Ancient Studies
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Dr Ursula Westwood



​​DPhil (Anci​​ent History), Oxford University
MPhil (Greek and Roman History), Oxford University
BAHons (Latin Language and Literature), University of Cape Town


Curriculum Vitae​

Areas of Specialisation

  • Greek language and literature​​​​

  • Jewish history and literature in the Roman world (esp. Josephus, Philo)

  • Greek political thought and its reception in the Roman period

  • Greek and Roman historiography

Current Projects

  • A Jewish Lawgiver in a Greek World: Moses in Josephus' Antiquities in light of Plutarch's Lives (monograph)

  • 'Moses in Egypt and Ethiopia according to Josephus': an article examining the extra-biblical material in Josephus' retelling of Exodus 2 in his Antiquities (2.200-256)

Courses in 2022

  • Greek 178 (Intro to Ancient Greek)

  • Greek 244 (Selected texts from the Septuagint, Plato, and Greek orators) ​

Selected Publications

  • Review of P. R. Bosman (ed.), Intellectual and Empire in Greco-Roman Antiquity, Acta Classica 64 (2021)​​​

  • Review of Steve Mason, A History of the Jewish War, AD 66–74, Journal of Jewish Studies 68 (2017), 189-93 

  • ‘Domitian’s Attitude to the Jews and Judaism’ [Undergraduate Essay prize], Akroterion 58 (2013) ​


  • Clarendon Fund and Littman Trust Scholarship (2017-2020, for doctoral study at Oxford)

  • Ertegun Graduate Scholarship in the Humanities (2015-2017, for graduate study at Oxford)