Ancient Studies
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Focus Areas


​​​​​​​​​Influence and reception of the Ancient World in contemporary South Africa

  • ​The literary reception of Roman poetry (De Villiers)
  • The ancient world and popular culture (Cornelius)
  • Collections of classical antiquities in South African museums (Masters)
  • The reception of the ancient world in contemporary South African art (Masters)
The study of ancient languages and cultures in the digital age

  • Multimedia and ancient cultures (Cornelius, Daniel​s)
Religion, philosophy and morality in ancient texts

  • ​Jewish literature in Greek (Westwood)
  • Greek political philosophy (Westwood)

Material culture and imagery, art and iconography

  • Material culture and imagery of North Africa and Western Asia (Cornelius)
  • Classical art and iconography (Masters)
  • Athenian vase-painting (Masters)
  • Emotions in Greek art (Masters)
  • Ancient childhood and material culture (Masters)
Bible languages, translation and interpretation

  • The Hebrew Bible and the ancient world (Cornelius)
  • Linguistics and translation of the Greek New Testament (Bosman)
  • The New Testament and the ancient world (Bosman)
Museum and heritage studies

  • Collections from ancient Egypt and Western Asia in South African collections (Cornelius)
  • South African Mummy Project (Cornelius)
  • Collections of classical antiquities in South African Museums (Masters)
Greek and Latin literature, individual and society​

  • Roman lyric and elegiac poetry (De Villiers)
  • Roman epic (De Villiers)
  • Augustine (Daniels, Kara)
  • Late antiquity (Kara)
  • Greek and Latin historiography (Westwood)