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Departmental Study Tours


Dr Masters, Prof Bosman, Prof Kotze at Delphi in 2018

During normal (before COVID-19) times, the Department of Ancient Studies organizes regular study-travel tours in one or more countries in order to experience the topography, monuments, and artefacts of antiquity firsthand, as well as to better understand the long and rich history of these places from antiquity until today​​​. Past tour programmes are:

Iter mirabile (Turkey & Greece) 2004

Iter singulare (Turkey in depth) 2005

Iter magicum (Egypt and Jordan) 2006

Iter classicum (Southern Italy and Sicily) 2008

Iter syriacum (Syria + Eastern Turkey) 2009

Iter graecum (Greece) 2011

Iter anatolicum (Northern, Central (especially Cappadocia) and Southern Turkey) 2013

Iter viae antiquae (Southern France and Barcelona) 2015

Student study tour to Germany (museums and universities) 2015 

Iter terrae sanctae (Israel) 2017

Student study tour to Greece 2018​

In 2020, the department had planned trips to Greece and to the Balkan countries on the Adriatic​.   These have been postponed indefinitely. We hope to resume these tours once the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic allows.