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Professors extraordinary and research fellows



Prof Herman BeyerResearch FellowProf Herman BeyerHBEYER@UNAM.NA
Prof Geert BuelensExtraordinary Professor Dutch LiteratureProf Geert
Prof Pedro Fuertes OliveroExtraordinary Professor LexicographyProf Pedro Fuertes
Dr Paola GentileResearch FellowDr Paola
Prof Siegfried HuigenExtraordinary Professor Dutch LiteratureProf Siegfried
Prof Jerzy KochExtraordinary Professor LiteratureProf Jerzy
Dr Gerda OdendaalResearch FellowDr Gerda
Prof Anthony PymExtraordinary Professor TranslationProf Anthony
Prof Justus C RouxExtraordinary Professor Dutch Prof Justus C
Prof Mark SandersExtraordinary ProfessorProf Mark