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Pectora roborant cultus recti is the Stellenbosch University motto. 'n Goeie opvoeding versterk die karakter. A sound education strengthens the spirit.

We know from experience that education transforms, exalts, empowers; we know this from the collective wisdom of humankind through the ages.

There isn't another way out. If we care about this country and all of its people, then education is the answer.

The budget constraint on the University is, however, a reality that we cannot wish away. It is a challenge faced by universities across the country and the world.

But the recent #FeesMustFall nationwide​ campaign served to highlight how our students struggle to achieve their goals and dream of higher education, and all that a degree promises. 

We experience the need every day here at Stellenbosch University:

  • The young woman from Limpopo who carries on with her studies even though she only sees her family, who survive on state subsidies, once a year;
  • The young man from Bonteheuwel who lives with his parents, who are unemployed, and only eats once a day, but who spends four hours commuting  to university  each day by train because he really wants a better future;
  • The young woman from Randburg whose father abandoned their family years ago and doesn't pay maintenance, but she promised her mother, who is the caretaker at an apartment block, that she'd create a better future for them all.
These are the young South Africans who benefit from your gift to the University.

There are many reasons you may choose to help our students. Perhaps you’re a proud alumnus who wants to give back to your alma mater, Matie to Matie; or perhaps you’re a Matie parent who wants to donate the 11.5% discount on 2016 fees that this campaign afforded you.  

Many students are calling for the reduction or total abolishment of fees across the board, but the real need is among our poor students. It is ironic that reducing student fees will benefit wealthy South Africans more than poor South Africans.​

Your donation, no matter how small can change a life. You can help current students receive an excellent education at Stellenbosch University. ​

A gift of any size to the SU Bursary Fund goes directly to support students. Your gift is a vote of confidence that demonstrates your belief in the work that we do and the students who now study here. And you get a tax certificate to offset your donation against your tax.

No matter how big or small, your participation is what matters!

You can make a donation by cheque, a direct deposit, credit card, debit order, via electronic transfer (EFT) or online.

Banking details:

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch name: Stellenbosch

Branch code: 05 06 10

Account name: Stellenbosch University

Account number: 073002437

  • ​Please send confirmation of your donation to Lorenza George:​, or fax to either +27 21 808 3026 or +27 865 695 372.​

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