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​​Sports clubs - a place of sanctuary for many a student during difficult times and also a place where a potential wife or husband was met!  As an alumnus of the University, by making a donation you can give back to your old sports club  and ensure that other students share in the same positive experiences you had when you were a student. 

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flag_world_square_web.jpg Elsewhere in the world:   Bank: First National Bank; Bank address: 5th Floor, Media City nr 1, Heerengracht, Foreshore, Cape Town; Account Name: Stellenbosch University – Foreign income; Account Number: 621 0717 7083; Branch Code:  204 109; S.W.I.F.T. address:  FIRNZAJJ796. (Send proof of payment to Lorenza George:​, or fax to either +27 21 808 3026 or +27 865 695 372.)

Active Sports Clubs: