Welcome to Stellenbosch University


​​Our Alumni Circle Stellenbosch (OACS), was launched in August 2011 and is targeted at connecting recent alumni (those who have graduated since the year 2000) with the vision, work and community of the university to promote continued alumni participation and involvement.

The OACS committee consists of a chairperson, vice-chairperson and a maximum of 15 members who volunteer their time and work closely with the alumni team to engage recent alumni and to build a culture of participation and giving. They also serve as ambassadors of the University by attending events in various regions and advocating for philanthropic support.

In the picture are some of the OACS committee members:

Front row: ​​Alphonso Primo (LLB'08), Paul Antohnie(LLB'09), Nadine Moodie (BA'08), Meryl Awkes (MScAgric'10), Prof Russel Botman (Rector & Vice-Chancellor)
Bac​​k row: Julia Jansen (BSc'10), Andrew Harris (BComm'07), Ilse Mathys (MScAgric'10), Emma Brown (BSocWork'09)

​Contact the OACS Committee

To find out more about what the OACS Committee do and how you can get involved send us an email.

 Email: oacs@sun.a​​