Say goodbye to the ‘black screen’ and hello to …
  • ​A user-friendly, web-based interface to the financial system;
  • Automated financial transactions enabled by workflow;
  • Improved financial reporting and analytics; and,
  • Access to the financial system anytime, anywhere from your web-enabled device!​
​​The implementation of SUNFin, our new cloud-based financial system, will take SU into the exciting world of new generation financial software. ​​​

What is

SUNFin is SU’s new financial administration system that will use Oracle® Financials Cloud solution to replace our current, Natural Adabas based, Inhouse-developed financial system. SUNFin will modernise SU’s finance function and provide the technology platform to support continuous innovation and future enhancement of SU’s finance function.

What are the benefits of implementing SUNFin?

Oracle® Financials Cloud is a comprehensive, integrated and scalable financial management solution. This new cloud-based system will provide the following benefits to SU:

  • streamlined financial processes;
  • increased levels of productivity; and,
  • ​​improved business decisions via access to real-time financial data and multi-dimensional analytics and reporting.


Why do we need to implement SUNFin?​

​The following reasons highlight the case for change and the need for SU to implement SUNFin:

  • Our current financial system developed in 1989, has reached the end of its lifecycle. The system cannot be effectively maintained and upgraded as Natural, the programming language on which the system is based, is no longer taught at tertiary institutions, resulting in a diminishing skill set
  • The current system does not provide for or support the Decentralised Responsibility Centre Management Model that SU has adopted, where each faculty and department is responsible for their financial sustainability
  • We require accurate, real-time data presented via smart user-friendly analytics and dashboards to make better informed and effective institutional decisions.​


Who is leading the implementation of the projec​t?

Mr Manie Lombard, Chief Director: Finance, is leading the SUNFin Implementation Project and chairs the SUNFin Steering Committee. The SteerCom includes representatives from Finance, Information Technology, Faculty Management, Information Governance and the SUNStudent project. The Steering Committee is supported by a project management team. ​​

What will change with the introduction of the new system?

With the introduction of any new system within SU, we need to consider the impact the system will have on our people and business processes. Below are some of the exciting changes SUNFin will introduce: 

  • A new user-friendly, intuitive web-based interface. We will say goodbye to the 'black screen'
  • The ability for users to connect with each other real-time to resolve outstanding transactions and follow up on pending items to complete actions faster by using Oracle Social Networking, the collaboration tool embedded in the solution
  • Integration of spreadsheets with SUNFin for high volume data entry and the ability to export reports and transactional tables to Excel for further analysis of large amounts of data
  • Robust reporting and analysis delivering continuous insight directly to business managers and decision makers. Budget managers will be able to view budgets, commitments, obligations, expenditure, and funds available balances and supporting transactions in a single view.​

The SUNFin system will be h​osted by Oracle at an offsite location. We will access SUNFin via a secure communication protocol provided by Oracle. ​

Who will be involved in the SUNFin project?​​​​

The successful implementation of SUNFin depends on a committed & supportive leadership team and engaged staff and students. The SUNFin project management team will ensure that the right stakeholders are engaged and trained at the right time with the appropriate knowledge and skills to ensure that all users of SUNFin are committed and capable of embracing the new way of working at SU.  ​​

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How long will the implementation of the SUNFin system take?

We plan to go-live with the new SUNFin system in January 2021, starting the new financial and academic year on our new financial system. During the next 20 months, SU will be working closely with Visions Consulting, our implementation partner, to ensure that SUNFin is configured appropriately, integration to the relevant systems is built, data is migrated successfully and users are engaged and adequately trained to work proficiently on the new system.

​Contact details​

Please email your comments, concerns or questions regarding the SUNFin Implementation project to:​
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