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SU Palestinian Solidarity Forum

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The SU Palestinian Solidarity Forum is an academic, social and political movement to increase awareness of the on-going conflict in Palestine and shine light on the human rights violations occurring in the region. We, as a South African student society, draw parallels between injustices and discrimination faced in our history, to prevent such from occurring in another part of the world.

We base our conviction on the four principles of Social Justice, Human Rights, Human Dignity, and the Right to Self-determination. Furthermore the SU PSF fights against indifference and apathy toward domestic issues and international issues.

Our ultimate vision is to see Stellenbosch University students united for the cause in Palestine. As was said, the litmus test for how progressive a university was in the 1970s was where it stood on the issue of South Africa. In the 21st century this litmus test is Palestine.​


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