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The YEBO! project aims to foster the internationalisation of doctoral studies in South Africa through various capacity building projects. YEBO! meaning YES! in Zulu bridges two continents with fifteen partners. The project is funded by the European program Erasmus+ key action 2: capacity building in higher education. The YEBO! project is coordinated by the University of Montpellier.​

About YEBO!

Doctoral studies are considered one of the driving forces that generate economic growth and contribute to the development of society, through the gaining of new knowledge. The nature of doctoral studies has been much debated in recent years. Their internationalization has been highlighted as a key component to facilitate the development of research excellence and the quality of doctoral education.

Nevertheless, this internationalization can be seen as unreachable for most universities due to the lack of resources but also because of the lack of experienced supervisors. This is something that the European Union has focused on for years. For the YEBO! project, partners clearly identified a need to train supervisors to allow them to be more efficient with PhD candidates.

The project aims to achieve:

  • the improvement of the skills of south-African universities concerning the internationalization of PhD Studies;
  • to facilitate the access to information concerning funding, mobility, and administrative procedures of PhD programs;
  • the increase of PhD students and staff trained in the internationalization of the PhD studies;
  • to promote the internationalization of PhD studies in South Africa and Europe.