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​The PGO Overseas Conference Grant (OCG) is a supplementary award to attend an international conference outside of South Africa to present a paper or poster. Due to COVID-19 disruptions, applicants can also apply to take place in virtual conferences. NB only reasonable costs will be covered. 


​ CycleClosing Date for Applications

January 2023 – April 2023

1 December 2022

May 2023 – August 2023

1 March 2023

September 2023 – December 2023

30 September 2023

January 2​024 – April 2024

1 December 2023


1.     For full-time registered Masters and PhD students. A full-time student is classified as one who works for remuneration for less than 20 hours per week (if at all). 

2.     The support should supplement grants provided by other sources (e.g. Dean's fund), as this award should not exceed 50% of the total budget to a maximum of R17 500.

3.     The applicant should submit proof of the acceptance of the presentation by the conference organisers.

4.     An applicant will only be eligible for a grant once during their postgraduate studies. 

5.     Preference will be given to: 

    • Applicants with no funding from other grant schemes (e.g. Focus Areas, Thuthuka, capacity development, industrial contracts).
    • Applicants invited to deliver oral presentations.
    • Applicants who have not attended other international conferences abroad during the past two years.

​​Suppose more than one applicant from the same Department applies for this support to attend the same conference. In that case,​ only one award will be given to the Department, and funding could be awarded at the discretion of the Dean and relevant Chair, either to one of the applicants or divided among applicants. 

Application procedure

  • A scanned version of the application form with signatures and the required CV must be submitted electronically to Nugent Lewis (nugent@sun.ac.za)
  • Only applications for the relevant award cycle will be considered (see dates of the award cycles and corresponding closing dates on the application form).
  • The applicant must complete the application form with all the required documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

​Please note that the awards are made competitively, and that limited funding is available.

Application documents (2023)​

​PGO OCG Application form.doc

PGO OCG Terms and Conditions.doc

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