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​Research for Impact​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Research for Impact is one of SU's six institutional strategic themes that will position the institution to attain its Vision 2040. SU wishes to pursue excellence, remain at the forefront of its chosen focus areas, gain standing based on its research outputs, and be enterprising, innovative and self-renewing. This requires a careful balance between, on the one hand, continuity and consistency and, on the other, transformation and rejuvenation of SU's academic researcher cohort. At the same time, SU research strives to be socially relevant. Ultimately, our research efforts are not only aimed at academic success but also at making a significant impact in the world.  

Stellenbosch University has five strategic research areas that drive its institutional research agenda: the natural environmenthealth and human securitysocial justice and developmenthuman creativity and social innovation; and systems and technologies for the future. These areas were developed against the background of the United Nation`s Global Sustainable Development Goals, the African Union`s Agenda 2063 goals, the national goals and the National Development plan. The challenge for us is to be locally relevant, with regional impact, but also globally competitive. To achieve this goal, we need to continuously focus on the unique areas in which we have developed expertise over time and build collaborative networks with knowledge partners in South Africa, the rest of the continent and further afield.
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Our strategic research areas represent inclusive, broadscale areas of research expertise for the strengthening and development of specific inter- and transdisciplinary research focus areas. At the same time, we remain committed to strengthening basic and disciplinary research excellence, seeing as it forms the basis for applied and translational research.

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Click here to read more about our research with the five stragegic research areas, visit the Division for Research Development`s digital magazine 'Research for Impact'!​​

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