​​​​​SU Vision and Strategy Process: Task Groups




Assignment completed

An analysis of the current SU values

The formulation of possible new values​

  • Prof Daniel Malan (task group leader)
  • Prof Anton van Niekerk
  • Prof Vasti Roodt
  • Dr Leslie van Rooi
  • Prof Piet Naudé
  • Prof Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela
  • Prof Yusef Waghid
  • Ms Sherrill February 

Shape and Size​

Assignment of phase 1 has been completed


Additional members were added for phase 2. Under the chairmanship of Prof Ian Cloete, they are developing scenarios on size and shape (students, programmes, staff, structure, amongst others) 

  • Determining a working definition for the concept 'size and shape'
  • Revising SU's existing internal strategy documents
  • Revising external trends in the development of university strategy through doing a 'mile wide, inch deep' scanning of current dialogue
  • Presenting a proposal on a choice of options for size and shape​

Core task group for Phase 1
  • Dr Morne Mostert (Chairperson)
  • Ms Doris Viljoen
  • Prof Ian Cloete
  • Mr Nico Elema 
  • Prof Brian Ganson
  • Mr Manie Lombard
  • Ms Nicolette van den Eijkel
  • Mr Ralph Pina
Core task group for Phase 2
  • Prof Ian Cloete (chairperson)
  • Mr Nico Elema
  • Mr Manie Lombard
  • Ms Nicolette van den Eijkel
  • Mr Ralph Pina
  • Prof Brian Ganson
  • Prof Wikus van Niekerk
  • Dr Wilhelm Uys
  • Mr EW Uys 
  • Dr Barbara Pool 
  • Ms Anri Dorfling
  • Mr MJ Brooks
  • Dr MJ Freeborough
  • Mr Enzo D’Aguanno
  • Dr Morne Mostert
  • Ms Doris Viljoen
Internal consultants
  • Prof Arnold Schoonwinkel
  • Prof Eugene Cloete
  • Dr Antoinette van der Merwe
  • Prof Hester C Klopper

Research Themes

Assignment completed

Formulation of new broad strategic framework for research themes at SU
  • Dr Therina Theron (Chairperson)
  • Ms Maryke Hunter-Husselmann
  • Prof Jannie Hofmeyr
  • Prof Alakendra Roychoudhury
  • Prof Johan Fourie
  • Prof Nico Gey von Pittius
  • Prof Karen Esler
  • Prof Hansie Knoetze
  • Prof Cherryl Walker
  • Prof Zsa-Zsa Boggenpoel​

​Bursaries and Loans

​Assignment completed 

Now dealt with in operational line

  • Conducting a comprehensive investigation into the financial sustainability of the current SU bursary and loan model and making recommendations for the implementation of a revised model.
  • Reflecting on and making recommendations regarding the meaningfulness of the existing spending categories, e.g. the recruitment, merit, sports, leadership and necessity bursaries.
  • Making recommendations regarding the measures for the continuation of bursary and loan grants.
  • Exploring and making recommendations regarding the utilisation and broadening of available and potential sources for bursaries and loans. It specifically entails the role played by the Development Office in soliciting bursary funds, as well as faculties' contribution from their own bursary funds.
  • Ms C Feyt (convenor)
  • Ms A Murray
  • Mr A Hanekom
  • Mr L van den Heever
  • Dr G Arendse
  • Mr WU Abrahams 
  • Ms CRV Swartz 
  • Prof PD Erasmus 
  • Ms L Kistner

Strategic  Performance Indicators

​Activities are aligned with determination of goals and objectives

The development of a set of high-level indicators, which will be applied to monitor the implementation as well as the medium-term impact of the SU strategy, as contained in the new vision and strategy document. The focus will be on three levels of indicators, i.e. internal strategic indicators, indicators through which SU will be compared with nationally competing universities, and indicators to compare SU internationally.

Core task group

  • Prof Johann Mouton (Chairperson)
  • Ms Maryke Hunter-Husselman
  • Prof Ia​n Cloete
  • Dr Antoinette Smith-Tolken
Internal Consultants
  • Dr Antoinette van der Merwe
  • Dr Therina Theron
  • Dr Wilhelm Uys
  • Mr Robert Kotze
  • Mr Victor Mothobi
External Consultants
  • Mark Holton, Coventry University
  • Prof Ahmed Bawa,USAF
  • Dr Diane Parker, DHET