Centre for Learning Technologies
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The purpose of these resources is to provide lecturers with ideas of how to address specific pedagogical challenges through the integration of learning technologies by sharing the experiences from lecturers in different faculties at SU. Our main emphasis is placed on addressing pedagogical challenges and to create a common understanding of the affordances of suggested learning technologies. For further instructional support, please contact the Blended Learning Coordinator (BLC) in your faculty or visit the facilitator training module on SUNLearn, click here.

​​​ 1.  ​Just in Time Teaching, Engagement, and Motivation

1.1  Immediate feedback of conceptual understanding during lectures (SUNLearn Clickers)
1.2  Creating student engagement in large classes (Flipped classroom teaching with podcasts)
1.3  Bridging the gap of note taking and language barriers (Lecture recordings)
1.4  Encouraging student engagement through motivation (Gamification with SUNLearn badges)
1.5 Creating student engagement through immediate feedback and gamification (Socrative quizzes)

2.  ​Creating opportunities for revision

2.1  Creating revision opportunities outside of contact time (SUNLearn quizzes)​ ​

3.  ​Creating opportunities for reflection

3.1  Enhancing student reflection (Blogger)
3.2  Enhancing student reflection (SUNLearn e-portfolios)

4.  ​Managing administration and feedback of assignments and projects

​4.1  Improving assignment feedback to large student numbers (SUNLearn Workshop tool)
4.2  Managing longer term projects with large class groups (SUNLearn Wikis)
4.3  Managing grading of writing assignments (SUNLearn assignment tool)

5. ​ Opportunities for distance education and limited contact time

​5.1  Creating interactive lessons for self-study (iSpring lectures)​

6. ​ Different methods ​to approach traditional face-2-face lectures​ ​​​

6.1 Helping students see the bigger picture (Cmap tools)​ ​