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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The operational management of the CLT​ deals specifically with managing services, facilities, client satisfaction and business needs.​

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Video Productions

The process

The process for using both the mobile camera unit and the video production service comprises three phases: Pre-production, production and post-production. It is important that clients are available throughout the process for the requisite meetings. It is also very important to book a recording well in advance, and to schedule a pre-production meeting to plan the production phase, which includes an on-site visit to where the recordings will take place.


​The following aspects are discussed during the initial meeting with the client: 

  • Dates and times of recording 
  • Length of final programme 
  • Due date for delivery of final product 
  • Type of recording (lecture, demonstration, role play, sport, instrumental/song) 
  • Desired outcomes of the programme 
  • Target group 
  • Physical place (on/off campus, inside/outside, lighting, day/night, big/small, noise level) 
  • Number of participants (single presenter, group discussion, "actors") 
  • Sound requirements (live sound during recording, voice artist, music) 
  • Responsibilities of each team member 
  • Editing 
  • Duplicates
  • Costs 

The information above is used to prepare a quote, and production starts once the client accepts the quote.​


Prior to the recording we visit the venue, after which the recording commences. The information gathered in the pre-production meeting is used to determine what equipment will be needed for the recording, e.g. the type and number of lights, microphones, props, etc.


Once the recording is complete it will be edited, after which voice recordings and music are added. Everything is then compiled to complete the production. The client remains involved in the process, giving input and articulating his/her needs to ensure that the required outcomes of the production are fulfilled.  After completion of the production, the client receives a download link to the final product.


Streaming & Podcasts


The move to remote work and learning makes the streaming of interactive lectures/conferences/tutorials a necessary option.

When booking the studio for a streaming event, all the audio-visual and computer equipment (like HD cameras, high-quality microphones and specialised software) and technical support are supplied. The learning or conference event is streamed live on the internet, while at the same time being recorded for editing and publication after the event. Streaming events at the client's venue must be equipped with internet and sound.


Podcasting assistance is available on request. The OTP can be contacted to help you to digitally​​ record a lecture or a podcast.

A soundproof recording room is available for both screen and voice recording, and technical support is also provided. All equipment is provided, or the client may use his/her own laptop.


Mobile Camera Unit

The studio's mobile camera option offers clients the opportunity to have their lectures, training videos or marketing material recorded and uploaded onto YouTube or SUNLearn. The CLT owns various high-definition mobile cameras, and offers the option of live internet streaming of the content.

Video productions

This service is available for the recording of promotional or evaluation videos.

Please read more under the video productions heading​.


Multimedia & Video Editing

The multimedia advisor provides support to lecturers who wish to enhance the richness of the content of their programmes or modules by creating effective virtual learning spaces and incorporating graphic design for more learner-friendly material.​

The following multimedia services​ are offered:

  • Customising and establishing a look and feel for learning material
  • Graphic design for the creation of more learner-friendly learning material
  • Video editing of short clips​​

Online meetings

Online or virtual meetings held using a​n internet browser or computer application are increasing rapidly. The main focus is to connect geographically dispersed teams, increase productivity, and reduce travel costs. At the CLT there is a dedicated room that can be booked for online meetings. There is a maximum capacity of 20 people in the room, and a booking can be made here.​

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