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One of the mechanisms through which the CLT offers support to various stakeholders, is by creating resources and/or making relevant resources available. 

The resources available on this page are grouped in three categories, 

Click on the relevant links hereunder to access the applicable resource or contact one of the advisors for more information.

 CLT Open Education Resourc​​es 

OER.jpgAligned with our vision and mission at the CLT – that is to inspire the meaningful and innovative use of technology for learning at SU, provide support in the integration of learning technologies, encourage a research-based approach towards learning-teaching projects, offer services related to multimedia resources and being committed to community engagement – we develop and/or share various resources relevant to the innovative use of technology for learning that could be accessed immediate, online and which are freely available. Such resources are referred to as open access resources or open education resources (OER). 

Feel free to access these OERs of the CLT by clicking on the relevant link hereunder.​

  ELS Project Resources 

ELS.jpgWith the Extended Learning Spaces (ELS) programme at SU technology was installed in venues to make the streaming and recording of lectures possible. The ELS programme is not only a project intended to address the challenge of remote learning due to reduced capacity of lecture halls, but also provides future opportunity to lecturers to stream their classes while teaching in lecture halls and align the university’s offerings with the Teaching and Learning Policy (2018). 

Read more about how the ELS programme was implemented in the SU Faculty of Engineering.  

Click on the link hereunder to gain access to the internal SU ELS resources.  

  SU Resourc​​es

Other.jpgReciprocal engagement between the CLT and other centres and faculties at SU can for example, take place through the use of learning technologies to augment learning activities for students. Resources to SU staff and students in support of such engagement can be found hereunder. 

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