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It has been the decision of the management of Stellenbosch University to align the core activities of learning, research and community involvement with a few central themes of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, one of which is:

“Promoting physical and psychological wellness and promoting the restoration of the dignity of people."

The Human Resources division will therefore through the Wellness Programme provide for an organisational environment that supports effective and efficient service delivery, while as far as reasonably possible taking employee’s personal circumstances, including disability, HIV and Aids and other health issues into account, by establishing and promoting the concept of “wellness”.

The SU also recognises and acknowledges that human capital is the most important resource in the institution, and any loss in human resources results in a loss of productivity and service delivery.

It is accepted that problems (social, emotional, personal or work-related) may influence work performance and that the employer is obliged to provide assistance where required and also to provide programmes that promote their general health and well-being.

EAP.png ​​Employee Assistance Program Information 

For further information about what is available to staff, please read the following documents:

​ Employee Well​ness Brochure​

  Financial Guide - How to become more mindful about money

  ​Health Guide - ​Protecting your child from burns


​COVID-19 Supp​​​ort

Many of us are longing for the days when the campus was buzzing with activity, and we could connect physically with colleagues and students.  Current circumstances have deprived us of social connections with others, and also of the variety and range of spaces – both indoors and outdoors – that we have been used to.

The “new normal" has required massive behavioural change, and flexible adaptation to new ways of being and working.  Employee Wellness recognizes that these are difficult and uncertain times, and we encourage staff to take care of themselves while juggling remote working,  parenting, home schooling, and other demands on their time and energy.

Employee Wellness will continue to render EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) services and provide information and training on wellness related concerns. ​

For more information on Covid-19 visit -​​

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