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Frequently Asked Questions

​​Wellness​ .​

What is wellness and what does it mean for SU?​​
Click here to read About us

Who is involved in the wellness programme?
Click here  ​to read about the Wellness Committee

Are the wellness offers available to all SU personnel?
The staff from all the campuses has access to the wellness programmes.

Do I have to belong to a medical aid scheme in order to use the services?
No. The service is free for all SU personnel

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Wellness Programmes

EAP Services

What does EAP stand for?
EAP – Employee Assistance Programme – this is a service offered to employees/personnel who may have a need to speak to someone confidentially when faced with personal or work-related problems or challenges

What are your hours?
Our hours are from 08:00 – 16:00.

Where are you located?
The EAP office is located in the Human Resources Division, Administrative Building Block C, Victoria Street, Stellenbosch (Click on map)​.

How do I make an appointment?
You can contact the Head:  Employee Wellness directly at or 021 808 4824 or Adean Schippers at or 021 808 3201

Can I just walk in?
It is preferred you make an appointment to ensure the availability of someone to see you.

How long will I wait?
If you have an appointment you will be assisted immediately according to your appointment time.

Who will I see?
You will see the Head:  Employee Wellness for an assessment. If indicated, an appropriate referral, agreed upon will be made.

Will I have to pay anything?
The service is free for all SU personnel members.​​

Will my colleagues or manager find out that I have been to see a counselor?
Click here - EAP approach document.

What are the wellness services which are available for staff?
Click here – Programmes and Wellness

Do the wellness programme offer fitness programmes?
The wellness programme work in partnership with the internal resources Gymnasium (Coetzenburg and Tygerberg) who has gymnasium facilities and fitness programmes for staff.

Does the staff have access to the Gymnasium (Coetzenburg and Tygerberg)?
​Yes, the gymnasium offers membership to SU personnel.

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