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Wellness Programmes


Employee Assistance Programme

EAP, a worksite-based programme designed to assist organizations in addressing productivity issues and assist employee clients in identifying and resolving personal concerns, including, but not limited to, health, social, family, financial, alcohol, drug, emotional, stress or other personal issues that may affect job performance. The Employee Assistance Programme offers a service divided into three categories:

  • Confidential Counseling Service
  • Training in Self Management
  • Employee Wellness Promotion

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Health Promotion Programme

"Health promotion supports personal and social development through providing information, education for health and enhancing life skills. By so doing, it increases the options available to people to exercise more control over their own health and over their environments, and to make choices conducive to health. Enabling people to learn throughout life, to prepare themselves for all of its stages and to cope with chronic illness and injuries is essential…" - Ottawa Charter, WHO 1986  

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