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The conservation of biodiversity is very much dependent on explaining the evolutionary patterns and processes associated with living organisms.  The African continent, and particularly also southern Africa, is known for a rich terrestrial and marine biodiversity that is associated with a complex landscape. This environment lends itself to test various hypothesis associated with evolution and speciation. By studying the interplay between life history, biogeography and ecology we address systematic uncertainties at all taxonomic levels using a variety of different molecular techniques. To advance our knowledge in this field we currently focus our research on:

1) Parasite-host codivergence at the phylogeographic and species level

2) Stock assessment and conservation of marine resources

3) Comparative phylogeography of terrestrial vertebrates

4) Evolution and systematics of free-living and parasitic arthropods

Students & Post-Docs


Jessica KiplingRebecca AckermannSara Andreotti
Amore MalanDeon BakkesTess Gridley
Demi-Lee MartinBridget James 
 Jake Mulvaney 
 Hendre van Rensburg 


Graduated / Past Associates

J.C. BothmaSara AndreottiNina du Toit
Nidia CangiFenton CotterillGeeta Eick
Shelley EdwardsAndrew David
Romina Henriques
Keshni GopalSavel DanielsAnne Ropiquet
Jane MakokhaNina du ToitPascal Rousse
Nicole MartinsAdriaan EngelbreghtSamantha Stoffberg
Ann McLachlanGavin GouwsKrystal Tolley
Thomas MkareTanya KerrLuther van der Mescht
CM MullerTinashe MuteveriSophie Von Der Heyden
Terry ReynoldsTerry Reynolds 
James RhodesSamantha Stoffberg 
Francis SandsPeter Teske 
Belinda SwartLuther van der Mescht 
Sandy van NiekerkSandy Willows-Munro 
Hendre van Rensburg  
Lee Williams  
Sandi Willows-Munro  



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