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​Conf​erences & Worksho​​​ps



Symposium 2 March 2018

Safe Seas Project, Nairobi, Kenya

Workshop 7-11 May 2018

ACSS-SIGLA Counter violent extremism and terrorism workshop

Conference 5-7 June 2018

Africa Panel by SIGLA: Annual NMIOTC Maritime Security Conference​
Souda Bay, Crete

Workshop 20 September 2018

Cyber Security Workshop
Africa Aerospace and Defence​ Waterkloof AFB​ ​

Round Table 26 September 2018

Danish Embassy, RDDC​ & SIGLA Round Table and Seminar Series
Seminar 5 - Sustaining peace through ma​naging the security-development nexus

Lecture Series 22-26 October 2018

SIGLA-UNODC (Maritime Crime Programme) ​Professional Training Lecture S​eries
Maritime security off Africa


Lecture Series 5-8 November 2018

Security Watch Africa Annual Lecture Series, Gambia​​​

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