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SIGLA's focus relates to leadership and governance on the African continent. This includes Africa's digital space, cyber threats and emerging technologies. The Cyber@SIGLA project was launched in 2018 project with a special emphasis on cyber warfare and cyber strategy and their role in terms of development within the military and security context. The cyber project has grown in its scope and activity and from 2022 will be broadened to include the space and cyber domains and related emerging technology threats.

Our emphasis is on creating and giving effect to innovative partnerships across academia, industry, and government within the Southern Africa region which aim to strengthen digital security competencies, deepen research and promote resilience. SIGLA Cyber has three strategic focus areas:


SIGLA is a provider of short courses on bespoke content which are accredited by Stellenbosch University. Tailored short courses can be produced for specific groups.

Engagement and​​
Social Impact

Through engagement with strategic partners across academia, industry and government, SIGLA aims to increase the visibility of cyber security challenges, emerging technology threats and Africa's space interests. SIGLA Cyber has hosted a number of key events during the past months and participated in a diverse set of global projects.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Recent Ev​​ents and​​ Activities

Judging and Panel Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge

12 -13 October 2021
University of Cape Town and the Atlantic Council 

Emerging threats and the African maritime​​ cyber landscape. 

Proceedings available here

International Com​​mittee of the Red Cross – Avoiding civilian harm from military cyber operations, 

June 2021 

Carnegie Endowm​en​​t for International Peace

FinCyber Strategy Project: Cybersecurity and Financial Inclusion (Africa Project) 2021/22

'Cyberspace Security Priorities for Africa’s​​ National Security Actors’ 

Africa Centre for Strategic Studies, US National Defense University, Washington D.C., 
3- 25 August, 2021. 

Expert Roundtable, ‘The Futu​​re Digital Battlefield: Challenges and Regulatory Demands for Humanitarian Protection.’ 

Geneva Academy, 
12 August 2021.

Expert Roundtable – ‘Societal Risks a​​nd potential Humanitarian Impact of Cyber Operations during Armed Conflict.’ 

Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. 
February, 2021.

Expert Consultation on Cyber M​ercenaries. Working Group on Mercenaries, 

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations. 

Dec 2020 (ongoing) 

2020 9th Tana Forum on Africa​​n Security. 

‘The Continental African Free Trade Agreement’. 
October 2020, 
Addis Ababa.

National Cyber Crime Strategy Wo​​rking Group, 

South African Police Service and European Union Partnership. 
June 2019.

ICCWS hosted by SIGLA and the ​​​CSIR at Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, South Africa  

28 February-1 March 2019 

Event Hosts Cyber Intelligence ​and Warfare Symposium, 

African Aerospace and Defence Expo, Pretoria, 
20 September, 2018.  



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Noëlle van der Waag-Cowling​​​​​

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