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Research In Progress

Current ongoing multi-program research projects being carried out by Ukwanda teams:

  1. Longitudinal impact study of the development of Upington as a training site.
  2. A cross sectional study of Rural Clinical school graduates from 2011-2018.
  3. A 5-year cohort study to determine the influence of training environment on intentions to practice in rural or urban environments.
  4. Obtaining informed consent from patients for contextual visits conducted by undergraduate health science students: A pilot study to investigate the feasibility of using comic contracts in a community in the Western Cape, South Africa
  5. An analysis of Community Service exit planning for rehabilitation professionals in South Africa.

In addition to self-funded and self-initiated research projects within Ukwanda, the following research was ongoing with support from the Fund for Innovation and Research into Learning and Teaching (FIRLT)

  1. The use of distance assessments on the distributed platform to ensure optimal use of resources. Grant holder: JF Coetzee
  2. Initiating an Evaluation to determine the influence of the Training Environment on future practice (Tracking Study) Grant holder: ID Couper
  3. Development of a new clinical learning site for undergraduate health sciences education in Upington. Grant holder: CR Reardon​