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Study at SSML

The SSML is an environment to enhance Transportation Engineering education at Stellenbosch University through improved teaching and research facilities. Undergraduate Civil Engineering students are introduced to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and the SSML environment in the Transport Science curriculum, and final year Civil Engineering Students that undertake their research project in Transportation Science are introduced to the research facilities of the Lab. 

Postgraduate Students that study through the SSML are from a number of academic backgrounds, including Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering. These students are accommodated full time in the lab during their research. Postgraduate block courses in ITS are offered on a bi-annual basis through the Department of Civil Engineering.

The SSML is also dedicated to ITS education for the wider transportation community. The postgraduate block courses are structured​ for participation by transport practitioners. Additionally we offer two and three day workshops for industry training or can tailor a course for your companies specific requirements.