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Connected Vehicle

Connected vehicle.jpgConnected Vehicles use wireless communications technology to connect vehicles with each other (vehicle-to-vehicle or V2V) and/or to infrastructure (Vehicle to Infrastructure or V2I) over cellular networks or dedicated short-range communication (DSRC). Connected Vehicle research includes consideration of improved traveler information provision, through for example road-side Variable Message Signs (VMS) and on-board equipment such as a navigation device or smart phone. Vehicle to vehicle systems allow vehicles to interact with each other and inform their drivers of hazardous road conditions or changes in vehicle behaviour, allowing vehicles and drivers to avoid collisions and damaged road infrastructure, for example potholes and black ice. Another component of Connected Vehicle research is Autonomous Vehicles, which are able to partially, or fully take over the driving function.

Research focus of the SSML includes investigation of the Connected Vehicle and Traveler specific‚Äčally in the developing country environment and the influence of Connected Vehicle technology on the operation of  roads.