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Working with Industry

​​​​Industry partnerships

​​​​The SSML aims to develop partnerships with industry, service providers and planning authorities. Our partners align with the SSML to promote academic research and development, and make use of the professional SSML research services. Through our partners, the lab collaborates with international leaders in their respective fields and similar laboratory facilities, allowing a healthy exchange of ideas and solutions to global mobility needs.​​

Through interaction between the ITS industry and the university, the SSML provides a unique opportunity to expose students to real world projects, while allowing industry to access research and advisory services. The SSML is in partnership with a number of industry service providers and implementing authorities. Through these partnerships, the SSML has been allowed access to extensive traffic management systems and traveler information databases, which are being used in current research projects. Through these relationships, the SSML has also been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including software for various transportation and simulation programs, and hardware, including traffic signal controllers.​ This equipment and data are used by students while conducting research into mobility improvements. 

Contract Research for Industry

The SSML provides research support to industry for specifically requested applications. Projects include analysis of network capacity constraints, development of traffic monitoring and management methods, information dissemination installations, development and testing of new hardware and software applications and customising technologies for the developing country market. Various opportunities are available for the SSML to assist with research for industry partners, including internships and sponsorship of students and/or projects, see sections below.


The SSML is able to support industry and our students with a number of internship options, designed to provide our students with industry exposure:

  • Short to medium term internships for graduates at the SSML (depending on available industry funding)
  • Short term, full time industry internships, typically of undergraduate students completing a few months of compulsory holiday work
  • Short term, part time industry internships for postgraduate students, typically for a set number of hours per week, working on a particular industry project
  • Medium term, full time industry partnerships for postgraduate students, working full time on a particular industry​ project at the start of their postgraduate studies

​Industry Support of Students

We encourage partnership between industry and our students through internships and bursaries. If you are interested in offering support to our students, either through work experience​ as an intern, or through the sponsorship of a student through a bursary, please Contact UsVarious bursary opportunities are possible:

  • undergraduate bursary to a student completing their four year B Eng degree 
  • postgraduate bursary of a particular student
  • financial support of a particular postgraduate research project that is requested or particularly applicable to your industry