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Smart City


freeway tmc.jpgThe SSML supports the notion to make Stellenbosch the first transportation orientated “Smart City” in South Africa. A Smart City uses data, information technology and communications to optimise infrastructure usage and improve service efficiency in a city’s energy grid, communications, infrastructure management, water provision and the transportation system. In particular, the SSML is positioned to assist with the planning and implementation of mobility applications of the Smart City model.​​​

​Smart City transport applications cover a wide range of system improvements each designed to move people and goods more quickly and efficiently. Research areas in the Smart City environment include parking applications for improved vehicle distribution, bicycle sharing initiatives, traffic planning platforms for Transport Planning Authorities, information services to commuters, and real time traffic and transport operations control systems. Transport Engineers use Big Da​ta​​ obtained from Probe Vehicles and human movement patterns as input into a number of these applications.

At the SSML, our Smart City research includes research into bicycle sharing for Stellenbosch, developing Transport Planning Applications for developing countries, and improved​ traffic control systems.