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Current Projects


The Chair is currently busy with the following undergraduate research projects in 2019:

Industrial Engineering Projects
  1.  Digital​ transformation framework for rolling stock maintenance
  2. A knowledge management framework for a Railway asset maintenance 
  3. Automated image detection system to identify rolling stock faults (PC1)
  4. Develop a data driven digital representation of rail rolling stock  (PC2)
  5. Development of a framework for evaluating supplier/contractor performance in a rail environment
  6. Identification of factors that affect the performance of virtual engineering work-teams.
  7. A network analysis of the Gauteng passenger rail system
  8. A network analysis of the KwaZula-Natal passenger rail system
  9. Development of a reliability model for PRASA’s X’trapolis Electric Multiple-Unit (EMU)

Mechanical Engineering Projects
  1. Monitoring overhead high tension electrical (OHTE) Cable theft
  2. Repair optimisation of a railway vacuum brake cylinder
  3. Development of a facial recognition for the passenger rail environment
  4. Development of a passenger counting system for the passenger rail environment