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The PRASA Chair will continue to initiate and execute research into aspects of Maintenance Management and applicable Engineering solutions best suited to the needs of PRASA Rail. It will conduct investigations to determine the needs of all branches of PRASA Rail with the aim of improving the maintenance and engineering strategies and operations.

The PRASA Chair has started with establishing a program of short courses to improve the management and operational skills of PRASA engineers and technicians. This program will be extended in the future to include more short courses to provide the required skill sets in critical areas. It will furthermore promote the establishment of a Management Development Program for PRASA managers under the umbrella of the Department's existing Engineering Management Program as well as USB-ED, a division of the University's Business School.

The PRASA Chair will continue to provide mentorship for PRASA engineers, technologists and technicians to obtain registration through the official processes as administered by the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

Outreach projects to develop rail engineering interest and skills among designated schools and communities (includes aspects like safety, costs, etc.) will become a priority in the future. It is of vital importance to "grow" suitable engineers and technicians at an early stage. Awareness programs and competitions are planned for the future.

The ultimate aim of the PRASA Chair still remains to ensure a long-term collaboration between the Stellenbosch University and PRASA Rail and to establish a sustainable program for transforming PRASA Rail into the primary provider of public rail transport in South Africa. ​