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​​​Undergraduate Research Projects are conducted by students in the final year of their Engineering degree. The duration of these projects is one year. The topics of these projects are jointly conceptualised by the PRASA Chair and PRASA employees. Each student is supervised by a lecturer from the faculty of engineering and is assigned a mentor from PRASA.

The first phase of each research project involves an investigation into the existing research relevant to the selected topic. This is followed by the development of some form of model or roadmap that aims to advance existing research in that field. Finally this model or roadmap is validated by applying it to PRASA. This real world validation then provides feedback through which the model or roadmap can be refined.

Undergraduate Research Projects can form the basis of further research work either in the form Masters and PhD studies or research performed by the PRASA Chair's research engineers. In some cases results from Undergraduate Research Projects can result in Technical or Educational Projects.