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African classics (4)[1].pngWho are we?

The African Classics Network (ACN) was set up to facilitate networking between Classical scholars working in African countries or scholars interested in Classics in Africa. The network now has its own listserv and website at  We have facilitated two meetings of scholars from countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa in 2022 and 2023.

The network seeks to develop collegiality between African scholars working on Classics or scholars with research interests in Classics in Africa. We hope to come together online and in person wherever possible to share information, offer support and discuss approaches to our various fields.  The ACN aims to:

  • ​Send out regular emails through a listserv service to connect scholars working on Classics in Africa and based in African countries.
  • For the website to become a repository of information and resources, with links to other relevant material as well as a blog. We will be in touch with individuals in order to ask for blog material but if you would like to be involved in generating content for a blog, please contact . We are looking forward to sharing a variety of content on this blog, which can be a range of departmental activities, personal experiences with Classics in/and Africa, pedagogical thoughts, research ideas and social impact to name just a few.
  • To develop a comprehensive directory of scholarsThe database of scholars who have opted into the ACN is now available as a Google sheet as a link on the website. We see this as an organic document that will need regular updates. Please update your own information on the sheet as you see fit and notify if you would like to be removed from the listserv or directory. Also, please point out any anomalies or if you have suggestions related to the data on other scholars (please don't update their data automatically).
  • Connect through social media. The ACN now has a Facebook and Instagram account. Please follow if you belong to these platforms and importantly, please post and/or send information to post about relevant publications, activities, announcements, links, etc.
  • Explore opportunities for collegial exchange through research visits and investigating potential funding.
  • Exchange ideas on classics from/in an African context, and contribute to curriculum transformation and enrichment.
  • Learn from colleagues' approaches to our various fields, especially from an African perspective.
  • Collaborate on publications.