Ancient Studies
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A list of the current master's students and their projects:

LE Abendanon

Thesis Title:    Pagan critique of early Christian claims to monotheism

Supervisor:     Prof JC Thom

S Brummer

Thesis Title:    Marcus Aurelius and his Meditations (working title)

Supervisor:     Prof A Kotzé

J Cilliers

Thesis Title:    Pergamum revisited: re-evaluating the Baroque idiom in Hellenistic art and its connection with Athens 

Supervisor:     Dr S Masters        

CR Coetzee

Thesis Title:    MNIA MECVM POTRO MEA: constructing Cicero's educational philosophy

Supervisor:     Dr S Thom


C Duncan

Thesis Title:    Reimagining the classics in South Africa: an examination of the reception of Ancient Greek drama in South Africa during the 20th and 21st Century

Supervisor:     Drs S Masters & JL Nitschke


LM du Plessis

Thesis Title:    Intertextuality in Matthew: Fulfillment quotations from Isaiah

Supervisor:     Prof JC Thom


YS Lee

Thesis Title:    Description of the Biblical Hebrew lexeme אֶל (‘el): a cognitive approach

Supervisor:     Prof CHJ van der Merwe


HJ Pio

Thesis Title:    Baboons in Ancient Egyptian art

Supervisor:     Prof I Cornelius


EB Robertson

Thesis Title:    Childhood in Athens and Sparta (working title)

Supervisor:     Prof A Kotzé