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​DISSERTATIONS 2004 – 2014



Drögemoller, B
Investigation of genetic variation contributing to antipsychotic treatment response in a South African first episode schizophrenia cohort

Lamprecht, RL
Molecular characterisation of South African isolates of grapevine fanleaf virus and a new, associated satellite RNA

Swart, BL
The evolutionary history of the genus Seriola and the phylogeography and genetic diversity of S. lalandi (yellowtail) across its distribution range



Rhode, C
Signatures of selection in natural and cultured abalone (Haliotis midae): A population genomics study
Strickland, N
In silico and functional analyses of the iron metabolism pathway.



Wright, GEB
Molecular genetic analysis of two genes, CYP2D6 and COMT, in the schizophrenia-susceptibility locus on chromosome 22q in the Xhosa population 



Roux, A
Reproduction of the South African abalone, Haliotis midae 



du Preez, J
Developement and characterisation of Grapevine Virus based expression vectors

Heyns, I
Mapping and restructuring of an Aegilops kotschyi derived translocation segment in common wheat
Maree, H
Identification and characterisation of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 genomic and subgenomic RNAs

Slabbert, R
Identification of growth related quantitative trait loci within abalone, Haliotis midae, using comparative microsatellite bulked segregant analysis

van der Merwe, M
Growth-related gene expression in Haliotis midae


van der Merwe, AE
Population genetic structure and demographical history of South African abalone, Haliotis midae, in a conservation context



Brink, D
Genetic improvement of growth rate in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)


MSc THESIS 2003 – 2013



Difford, G
Critical assessment of the "internal reference" method to eliminate non-genetic effects within a Combined Family Selection program on the abalone species Haliotis midae

Espach, Y
The detection of mycoviral sequences in grapevine using next-generation sequencing

Gerber, M
Quantitative assessment of yield traits between family groups of the cultured abalone, Haliotis midae, during the process of canning

Sewpersad, N
Mining the South African Sugar Cane Research Insitute's research database to categorize the reaction of released sugarcane varieties to water stress 

Smit, C
Pyramiding of novel rust resistance genes in wheat, utilising marker assisted selection and doubled haploid technology

Spinas, N
The efficacy of the antimicrobial peptides D4E1, VvAMP-1 and Snakin1 against the grapevine pathogen aster yellows phytoplasma




Bester, R

Sequencing and detection of a new strain of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 in South Africa 

Bitalo, D
Development of markers for triticale cultivar identification

Blaauw, S
SNP screening and validation in Haliotis midae 
De Groot, S
Initiation of a pre-breeding program for enhancing genetic resistance against wheat rust.

Du Plessis, J
Medium-throughput SNP genotyping and linkage mapping in Haliotis midae

Jansen, S
Linkage mapping in Haliotis midae using gene-linked markers

Rohrich, C
The influence of pharmacogenetic traits and efavirenz levels on treatment outcome in HIV-positive South African women



Coetzee, K
Evaluation of the crossability between small grains

Ntladi, S 
The development and implementation of phenotypic and molecular marker based differentiation systems for triticale

Prins, N 
Assesment of components of variance and covariance of production traits in the indigenous abalone, Haliotis midae

van Schalkwyk, H
Determination of heritibility of production traits of the indigenous abalone Haliotis midae, with specific reference to yield and quality related traits during live export

Visser, M
An evaluation of the efficacy of antimicrobial peptides against grapevine pathogens



Coetzee, B
Virome in the vineyard

Dix, R 
Investigation into the suitability of ethanol production from wheat
Drögemöller, B 
Sequence diversity and characterization of genetic variants in the CYP2C19 gene in South African individuals

Hepple, J
Linkage mapping in Haliotis midae

le Maitre, N 
Population genetic study if wheat rusts affecting cereal production in the Western Cape

Noach, LC 
The molecular characterisation of South African isolates of Grapevine Rucpestris Stem-Pitting associated Virus (GRSPaV) 

Rhode, C 
Developement of gene-linked molecular markers in Souh African abalone (Haliotis midae) using an in silico mining approach

Sandenbergh, L
Optimization of gene transfer in Haliotis midae by means of polyplex mediation

Vervalle, J
Characterisation of the SLC40A1 gene implicated in iron metabolism

Wessels, E
Development of a wheat nursery with pyramided, species-derived rust resistance genes



Bekker, TA 
Molekulêre karakterisering van 'n Triticum speltoides-verhaalde translokasie en verkorte vorms

Blignaut, M 
The molecular and biological characterisation of ORF5 of three South African variants of Grapevine Vitivirus A

Bosman, M 
Molecular genetic analysis of abruptio placentae

De Jager, J 
Molecular characterisation of Annexin II in pre-eclampsia

Kotze, L 
Verkorting van die Ae. peregrina-verhaalde Lr59-translokasie van koring

Malan, S 
QPCR as a versatile tool for virus detection and transgenic plant analysis

McGregor, NW 
Characterisation of the genes HFE, HAMP and HJV implicated in iron metabolism

Postma, A 
Molecular characterisation of the LGALS13 gene

Strickland, NJ 
Molecular-genetic analysis of ceruloplasmin in oesophageal cancer

Tsupko, Y
Investigation into the suitability of spring triticale for bio-ethanol prodution in the Western Cape



Badenhorst, D
Development of AFLP markers for Haliotis midae for linkage mapping

Badenhorst, PE
Attempt to shorten the Lr56/Yr38 translocation (wheat) derived from Aegilops sharonensis

Hallendorff, M
Ironing out haemochromatosis: a study of an Indian family

Holm, K
Gene discovery: Construction of a DNA library for the whole organism transcriptome of the vine mealybug, Planococcus ficus Signoret

Kerr, M
Towards the identification and isolation of VvPNP

Liebenberg, A
The development of an Enzyme linked immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for the detection of Grapvine Fanleaf Nepo virus (GFLV)

Panton, N
Mutation analysis of four genes implicated in iron hemeostasis in porphyria cutanea tarda (PCT) patients

Schoonbee, L
The effect of triploidy on the growth and survival of the indigenous abalone, Haliotis midae, over a 24 months period under commercial rearing conditions

van den Berg, NC
Microsatellite marker development and parentage assignment in Haliotis midae

Visser, HJ
Molekulêre merking van Thinopyrum distichum chromosome betrokke by soutverdraagsaamheid en die karakterisering van digeneriese (Triticum/Thinopyrum) en trigeneriese (Triticum/Secale/Thinopyrum) sekondêre hibriede


Bloem, L
Multiple sclerosis and iron

Booley, F
Analysis of genes implicated in iron regulation in individuals presenting with primary iron overload in the South African population

Bruiners N
Molecular genetic analysis of preterm labour

Du Plessis, N
Analysis of genes variants in the ALAS1 and HMOX1 genes in variegate porphyria (VP) patients

Hitzeroth, A
Association of genetic variants and the susceptibility to tardive dyskinesia (TD) in schizophrenic patients

Honing, J
Evaluation and implementation of DNA-based diagnostic methodology to distinguish wheat genotypes

Human, VR
Molecular analysis of genes involved in iron overload implicated in oesophageal cancer

Parathyras, J
Molecular genetic analysis of varied clinical responses to antiretroviral drug compounds in South African populations – a pharmacogenetics study

Ruivo, NR
Microsatellite genotyping of contributing broodstock and selected offspring of Haliotis midae submitted to a growth performance recording scheme

Stolk, M
Characterisation of novel TAC3 and TACR3 gene variants and polymorphisms in patients with pre-eclampsia

Truter, E
Genetic association analysis of polymorphisms in three cytochrome P450 genes and treatment-outcome in Xhosa schizophrenic patients



Desodt, KGP
Mutation of screening of pre-eclampsia candidate genes, LEP (ob) and LEPR

Engelbrecht, M
Screening the genome of GLRaV-2 for proteins with RNA silencing suppressor activity and the construction of a tandem silencing vector to induce simultaneous silencing of two genes



Du Preez, J
The construction of an infectious clone of Grapevine virus A

Heyns, IC
Mapping of chromosome arm 7DL of Triticum aestivum L

Ockert, CM
Identification of molecular markers for diagnostic identification of the intracellular prokaryote associated with the appearance of Withering Syndrome in the abalone, Haliotis midae



De Beer, M
Induction of triploidy in the South African abalone, Haliotis midae, by method of hydrostatic pressure

Loubser, D
Molecular tagging of Thinopyrum distichum chromosomes involved in salt tolerance

Rhode, A
Genetiese verenigbaarheid tussen taksonomiese verwante spesies van die genus Leucadendron

Rose, BA
Molecular characterization of the grapevine chloroplast genome

Slabbert, R
Molecular analysis of genetic variation and relationships within the population of abalone (Haliotis midae) at the Sea Plant Products abalone hatchery

Van Eeden, C
Isolation, cloning and transformation of RSP-CP genes for PTG5

Whitehead, CB
Childhood hereditary deafness and its cause within South Africa



Christians, GE
Identification of molecular markers linked to woolly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum Hausmann) resistance in apple

Gerber, J
Cytochrome P450 polymorphisms; relevance in two South African disease populations

Koegelenberg, AJ
Molecular epidemiological study of variegate porphyria (VP) to determine the frequency of the founder gene mutation

Maree, HJ
The expression of Dianthin: A ribosome inactivating protein

Robson, J
The construction of an expression vector for the transformation of the grape chloroplast genome

Vorster, G
A quantitative genetic analysis of the effect of cross breeding on the growth rate of the South African abalone (Haliotis midae)