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​​124 (16) Cell Biology (3L, 3P)

Origin and early history of life. Cytology. Cell chemistry, biological membranes and cellular respiration. Fixation, transfer and expression of genetic information. Evolution.

Responsible Departments: Biochemistry, Botany and Zoology and Genetics.

Module co-ordinator: Dr A Flemming


Cytology (Prof JH van Wyk, Prof S van der Heyden)

Biochemistry (Prof E Strauss, Dr N Verhoog)

Genetics (Me M Engelbrecht, Dr B Koehler van Asch)

Evolution (Prof J le Roux, Prof A Ellis)

154 (16) Functional Biology (3L, 3P)

Plant anatomy and morphology; photosynthesis; water relations; transport in plants; plant mineral nutrition; growth and development; responses to the environment. Functional biology of animals. introduction to biotechnology.

Responsible Department: Botany and Zoology and Genetics.

C Biology 124 and Chemistry 124, 144

Module co-ordinator: Dr A Flemming


Form & Function of plants (Prof A Valentine, Prof N Makunga)

Form & Function of animals (Dr A Flemming, Prof T Wossler)

Biotechnology (Dr B Loedolff, Dr J Lloyd)