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Stellenbosch Accommodation

Where should I book accommodation? 

The African Doctoral Academy's Doctoral Schools are held in and around the RW Wilcocks building at Stellenbosch University. The University is located in the centre of the historic town of Stellenbosch (map) and is within walking distance of a number of hotels and guest houses.

Please note: Not all of the below places of accommodation are situated within walking distance of Stellenbosch University. Please consider travel arrangements when making your booking. While Stellenbosch has some Uber cars, taxis are not in steady supply. Remember, for those of you arriving at Cape Town International or the Bus station, we're offering a complimentary shuttle service, courtesy of the ADA. 

Can anyone help me find a room?

We have requested that the Stellenbosch Tourism Office​, be available to arrange accommodation for our delegates at a range of prices. They negotiated congress tariffs with accommodation establishments in Stellenbosch and you can deal with them directly. To book contact Rhea Michau: ,  with the following information listed in your email: 

  1. Your full name and surname
  2. Your e-mail address
  3. How many persons in your party
  4. Type: guest house / hotel / self-catering apartment 
  5. Price range (budget)
  6. The date of your arrival
  7. The date of your departure
  8. Special requests (such as separate rooms/beds/etc.)​

Once your booking is complete, you will receive an booking confirmation with the credit card authorisation form. All arrangements through this company can be made directly with them, as we do not have updates on available accommodation.

Airbnb is also increasingly becoming popular and the site offers a number of options -

Module Stay in Stellenbosch offers affordable accommodation also.