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Webinars 2021

All our webinars are recorded and available on our YouTube Channel.​

20 Oc​tober 2021​​
​​​​Mendeley referencing management software

- Mr Kirchner van Deventer (Stellenbosch University) ​|View Video​​​​​|​ ​​​​​

15 September 2021​​​​​​Introduction to data visualisation

- Ms Marie Roux​ (Stellenbosch University) ​|View Video​​​​​|

07 July 2021Tips on getting published in an academic journal

- Prof Leslie Swartz​ (Stellenbosch University) ​|View Video​​​​​|​ ​​

09 June 2021Digital tools for research
- Prof Brigitte Smit​ (University of Alberta, Canada & University of Johannesburg) ​|View Video​​​​​|​ ​​
12 May 2021​​​Creating scenarios: A brief introduction​​

- Ms Doris Viljoen (Stellenbosch University) ​|View Video​​|​ ​​

07 April 2021Design your home office: Survive, come alive and thrive working from home

- Prof Sebastian Kernbach (University of St Gallen, Switzerland) ​|View Video​|​ 

10 March 2021​Why everyone should be harnessing Data Science​: The importance and relevance of Data Science for us in Africa​​​
​​- Prof Kanshukan Rajaratnam (Stellenbosch Univer​sity) ​|View Video​|​ ​