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​Our webinars are recorded and available on our YouTube Channel.​ 

12 June 2024

Practical Approaches to Developing Academic Writing
 AD​A Master Class provides a range of strategies and techniques to develop your academic writing. Aimed at postgraduate students who are working on their research or academic articles, this webinar provides you with the opportunity to refine your research arguments, develop your own voice and use different reading and writing strategies to effectively convey information and arguments. This webinar focuses on understanding writing as a process and provides guidelines on building arguments throughout your thesis, integrating other voices and taking into consideration the reader. 
Dr.​ Nereshnee Govender (Durban University of Technology)​|​View Video|​​
28 May 2024
ADA-AMI Master Class: An Introduction to the Microbiome and the Importance of Multidisciplinary Microbiome Research in Africa
This Master Class, hosted by the African Doctoral Academy (ADA) in collaboration with the African Microbiome Institute (AMI)​, introduces basic microbiome concepts and key considerations for data analysis. The multidisciplinary nature of microbiome research is also explored, along with challenges that African microbiome researchers often face, such as the lack of laboratory and computational resources and infrastructure. 
Dr.​ Kristien Nel van Zyl (AMI, Stellenbosch University)​|​View Video|
13 March 2024

Principles and Practices of Qualitative Research with a Particular Focus on Ethnographic Research
 ADA Master Class provides a concise overview of the history, ethics, and epistemological underpinnings of qualitative research. This is followed by practical applications regarding research design and application including sampling strategies, writing purpose statements and research questions, data collection and analysis, and standards of validation. 
Prof. Wayne A. Babchuk (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)​|View Video|
​29 November 2023
How to Apply Project Management Tools to Successfully Implement Your Research Project 
This Master Class was hosted by the Climate Adaptation Research Program (CARP) in collaboration with the African Doctoral Academy (ADA). It explores how to apply project management tools to successfully implement a research project with a particular focus on climate adaptation. 
Prof. René Pellissier (Head of the Southern African Regional University’s Association’s Climate Change and Sustainable Development programme) |View Video|
18 October 2023 
How Important is it to Get Publications From Your PhD?
The ADA Master Class explores the importance of academic publications. Increasingly, there is the need for PhD candidates to build an academic profile before graduating. How is that done? One way is to complete the PhD by publication. Having peer-reviewed publications has verifiable influence on job applications, especially as a fresh academic. Prof Michael Graham discusses this option, the rewards and challenges, in this session.
- Prof. Michael Graham (Stellenbosch University) |View​ Video|
​20 September 2023
Opportunities and Resources in Support of Early-career Researchers and Equitable Research Partnerships
The ADA Master Class explores opportunities for engagement with the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), their work in access and inclusion, academic mobility and the SDGs, as well as international collaboration, including their newly launched equitable partnerships toolkit.
- Dr. Beate Knight, Head of Programmes and Dr. Juliana Bertazzo, Senior Membership Engagement Manager at the ACU​ |View​ Video|
26 April 2023
Including a Gender- and ‘Leaving No One Behind’ Principle in Research​
The ADA Master Class Webinar focuses on including gender sensitive perspectives in the different phases of a research project.

- Prof. dr. Veerle Draulans (Centre for Sociological Research, KU Leuven, Belgium)​ |View Video|

5 April 2023

Research Ethics: Understanding the ethical decision-making process
The ADA Master Class Webinar offers advice on the subject of research ethics by covering the principles of ethical research practices from​ project design, execution, to the publication phase.

- Dr. Henriȅtte Van den Berg (University of the Free State) |View Video|​​

21 September 2022​
Internationalize your PhD career
This webinar will offer advice on planning a research stay abroad, exploring funding opportunities (e.g. for a research stay in Germany) and building your own sustainable international networks.

- Dr. Kerstin Lange (Universität Hamburg, Hamburg Research Academy, Germany​) and Dr Christine Hobden (University of the Witwatersrand) |View Video​|

15 June 2022
Maximising your research impact
Awareness of your scholarly impact can help you strengthen your case when applying for promotion or funding and will also identify who is using your work and confirm that it is appropriately credited.

- Ms. Marie Roux (Stellenbosch University) |View Video|​​​

​11 May 2022
Online STACK-abilities: Navigating the online learning environment
A framework for designing effective courses online to support and enhance student learning.

- Ms. Elzette le Roux (Stellenbosch University) |View Video|​ ​​​​​

13 April 2022
Burning Bright and Burning Out - Burnout in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond

- Dr. Kerry-Ann Louw (Stellenbosch University) |View Video|​ ​​​​​

09 March 2022

Storytelling as a tool in science and science communication

- Dr. M​arina Joubert & Prof Leslie Swartz (Stellenbosch University) |View Video​|​ ​​​​​

09 February 2022

Behind the scenes of a Qualitative PhD Dissertation: Tales and tips learned from process to product

- Dr. Deborah Skinstad (Stellenbosch University) |View Video|​ ​​​​​

17 November 2021

​​​​Reflections on using ATLAS.ti for data analysis: Strengths and limitations

- Ms. Priscalia Khosa (Stellenbosch University) |View Video​|​ ​​​​​

20 Oc​tober 2021​​
​​​​Mendeley referencing management software

- Mr. Kirchner van Deventer (Stellenbosch University) |View Video​​​​​|​ ​​​​​

15 September 2021​​​​​​Introduction to data visualisation

- Ms. Marie Roux​ (Stellenbosch University) ​|View Video​​​​​|

07 July 2021Tips on getting published in an academic journal

- Prof. Leslie Swartz​ (Stellenbosch University) ​|View Video​​​​​|​ ​​

09 June 2021Digital tools for research
- Prof. Brigitte Smit​ (University of Alberta, Canada & University of Johannesburg) |View Video​​​​​|​ ​​
12 May 2021​​​Creating scenarios: A brief introduction​​

- Ms. Doris Viljoen (Stellenbosch University) |View Video​​|​ ​​

07 April 2021Design your home office: Survive, come alive and thrive working from home

- Prof. Sebastian Kernbach (University of St Gallen, Switzerland) |View Video​|​ 

10 March 2021​Why everyone should be harnessing Data Science​: The importance and relevance of Data Science for us in Africa​​​
​​- Prof. Kanshukan Rajaratnam (Stellenbosch Univer​sity) |View Video​|​ ​