Central Analytical Facilities
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Vibrasie Spektroskopie Toerusting Gallery



The HySpex SWIR hyperspectral imaging system is equipped with different lenses and a translation stage to image objects in the reflectance mode. 


The HySpex VNIR1800 hyperspectral imaging system is also equipped with lenses and a translation stage to image objects in reflectance mode. 

Polarizers for the camera lens and lamps can be attached to reduce specular reflectance from samples during imaging.


Different camera lenses (30 cm, 1 m and a microscope lens) are available to image objects.

The dual VNIR/SWIR hyperspectral imaging system can be used to image samples simultaneously with the two cameras in the reflectance or the transmission mode.  The Breeze software on this computer can be used to run your preferred routine applications in real time whilst imaging objects.

Computers for data processing and analysis: Four work stations with Evince and Breeze software are available for analysis of datasets after image acquisition. The PCs can be booked in advance for data processing.

​ ​BUCHI NIRflex 500 equipped with a solid (left) and liquid (right) cell adapter to analyse solids and liquids.