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South African Centre for Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA)

​​​SACEMA specialises in the mathematical modelling of diseases prevalent in South Africa. The work is multidisciplinary, combining biological, medical, statistical, mathematical and computing skills to study patterns of disease progression, in space and time, at population and within-host levels. The aim of this modelling is to identify the principal causes of diseases and their transmission, and the likely outcomes of various interventions, thereby providing a sound scientific basis for health policy.

SACEMA is very much on the cutting edge of the epidemiological surveillance and projection fields, offering a variety of cross-​disciplinary projects that afford ample scope for advanced degree training.

​Included within the training programme are several short courses offered each year, presented ​by SACEMA and international partners, designed to generate meaningful modelling of real data related to pressing human needs.

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