Division for Research Development
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Eligibility Criteria

In awarding bursaries, the University uses a range of criteria specific to each bursary being applied for.  

Candidates already in possession of a qualification on the same level or higher than the one support is being sought for, are not eligible to apply for bursaries.
Virtually no bursaries are available to foreign students. Foreign students should therefore not rely on obtaining funds in the R.S.A. but should seek funding in their country of origin before coming to Stellenbosch University.
Incomplete applications submitted without supporting documents will be disqualified and not considered. 
Late applications will be processed according to the policy approved by the University.

Students should note that the University places a limitation on the total bursary amounts a students can hold. This is to ensure that funds are spread amongst students' corps and not limited to a few students. The total amount of bursary funds (depending on bursary conditions) that postgraduate students can hold are:

Honours or Postgraduate Diplomas                         R 130,000.00

Master's                                                                         R 210,000.00

PhD                                                                                 R 275,000.00