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DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence For Biomedical TB Research (CBTBR)

​​The CBTBR combines clinical grassroots investigations into TB with sophisticated laboratory research that involves various departments and disciplines within and beyond the University campus. Whereas much of the work of the CBTBR entails the development of accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapy for MDR and XDR-TB, the Centre has also plays​ an ongoing role in community outreach and awareness to prevent and treat TB.

The CBTBR research focus areas are:

  • biomarkers (identifying biomarkers for protective efficacy and identification)
  • drug resistance (causes and spread)
  • drug discovery and development (identification of new molecules, clinical trials to evaluate new compounds)
  • host-directed therapy (studying fully protective innate immune responses to TB with the aim of producing host-directed therapies)

user.pngProf Gerhard Walzl
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