​​​​​​​Professor​ Maarten J. Kamper 

Electrical Machine Laboratory

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​​​​​Current (2022) postgraduate studies:​

  • Evaluation of electrical drive technology for linear dry gravity storage system (PhD)
  • Design of large high pole-number reluctance synchronous wind generators (Master)
  • Small-scale wind generator design optimization of passive and active dc-grid connected systems (PhD)
  • Evaluation of slip-synchronous direct grid-connected wind generator systems (PhD)
  • Synchronous condenser using DC-VRM technology for grid strength (Master)
  • Wound rotor synchronous wind generator drive with non-overlap windings (Master)
  • Wind-hydrogen system with variable DC-grid for maximum power point control (Master)
  • Levelized​ cost of energy (LCOE) of PV- and Wind-powered motor-generator systems for grid strength (Master)

​​​New (2023) postgraduate studies:

  • Two-speed wind generator system for grid strength using slip-synchronous technology
  • Wound rotor synchronous wind generator with 5th harmonic field supply
  • Passive rotor synchronous condensers for grid strength
  • EV-bus power train with wound rotor synchronous motor technology
  • EV-Corsa geared power train with reluctance synchronous motor technology