​Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering​: 

Electrical Machine Laboratory Gallery:

Small magnetic gear​. ​    ​
15 kW PM Vernier wind generator: Stator (left), PM rotor (middle top), testing (middle bottom) and generator under current control (right)​.


Brushless double-fed induction generator: Stator (left), looped cage rotor (middle), and close-look of rotor end ring loops (right)​.

DC-VRM as wind generator and synchronous condenser​.    ​         Direct drive PM wind generator with non-overlapping stator coils (right)​​.

Mariendahl wind generator test site up to 50 kW: 
Two towers with 400 V, 3-phase grid connection​​
Two-blade (pitch controlled) slip-synchronous wind generator system​.


  PM slip couplers: Eddy current (left) and iron-cored (right)​


​Reluctance synchronous machine drive with SEW inverters and Pentium control system (left), reluctance synchronous machine stator (middle), and flux barrier rotor (right).


110 kW reluctance synchronous traction motor (left). ​110 kW traction rotors: reluctance (middle) and IPM rotor with inserted bonded magnets (right)​.