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What are the primary tasks SU clerks are exposed to?


Presenting classes

Clerks present the ILP (Individual Learning and Support program) classes of the BAccHons/ PGDA  group in English and Afrikaans. These classes take place directly after the daily lectures presented to the BAccHons group. 

During these classes a tutorial question is answered by the student, under the guidance and supervision of the academic clerk. 

Some of the clerks present the undergraduate ILP-classes of certain modules.  

Some clerks also present the mainstream classes in certain modules.

There is also a system of tutorials/ assignment classes in certain subjects (undergraduate and postgraduate), during which a class works through a question that is provided by the relevant lecturer.  The clerks assist the lecturer with answering students' questions during these classes.

Abovementioned provide academic clerks with a wide exposure to and experience in lecturing, tutorials and the preparation of teaching material. These are all academic core functions, but are also very valuable in any working environment.   

'Hot Seat'

The Hot Seat is an aid to students, which was created by the School of Accountancy a few years ago. It involves the opportunity for students (undergraduate and postgraduate) to come to the academic clerks if they are experiencing any problems with certain parts of the work. The clerk then explains the principals the students are struggling with in order to help the students with the questions they are having difficulty with.  This happens on an individual basis and, since clerks were only recently students themselves, students sometimes feel more comfortable asking them questions (versus asking the lecturer questions).

Assigning a subject field (Taxation, Financial Accounting, Auditing and Management Accounting) to each clerk for this purpose, provides clerks with the opportunity to specialise in a certain subject field.  It also ensures that students get the best assistance, since the clerk is completely familiar with the subjects in that specific subject field, as opposed to having a wide, more superficial knowledge on each subject.

The Hot Seat is also actively marketed to students.  A good many students use this option regularly and the feedback we receive from students is very positive.

Each clerk mans the Hot Seat for his/her subject field for six hours per week, spread over the days of the week (similar to lecturer consultation hours).

Reviewing question papers

Clerks get review and other assessment experience through reviewing the BAccHons class and term tests, as well as parts of the undergraduate examination papers during the June test series and the November and December exams.  They also administrate the BAccHons tests and handles test queries from students.

Administrative tasks

The clerks assigned to each subject field enjoy exposure to certain administrative tasks that are entrusted to him/her by the relevant Division Head. ​