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Student Support

​​​Student success is at the centre of the activities of the School of Accountancy (SOA). To this end, SOA has various initiatives to support students with teaching and learning. Two such projects are the Thuthuka Bursary programme and the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme which is coordinated by a project team responsible for providing wrap-around support to students.

Thuthuka Bursary programme

Thuthuka is a transformation initiative of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) which is aimed at encouraging previously disadvantaged learners in schools to engage in the chartered accounting field. The Stellenbosch Thuthuka Bursary Programme consists of four main components. The most important component is the student himself/herself, who has to accept responsibility for his/her future and to use existing opportunities optimally. Academic success is the second most important component in terms of which the student takes part in several transformation and academic quality initiatives of the SoA in the form of academic help programmes. The students also take part in purpose-driven modules in life and workplace skills. The last, but very important, component is social impact. Several lecturers are involved in the management of this project. Most lecturers in the SoA are mentors for Thuthuka students over the full duration of their studies.

The students are also active in the community in their personal capacities. They take part in several community service projects annually, which varies from the application and transfer of their newly developed accounting knowledge to school learners, sports coaching in their home communities and the distribution of food to the less privileged. As a group, the Thuthuka students also plough back their acquired knowledge and skills into the community in the form of annual projects.

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Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP) project

The ISFAP pilot project is a national bursary initiative that is managed by SAICA. It is aimed at students forming part of the so-called “missing middle" (i.e. students from families with a combined income of less than R600 000 per year). The target group is students studying towards professional qualifications such as chartered accountants, engineers and medical doctors. The academic support provided to students is similar to the support given to students taking part in the Thuthuka Bursary programme.

For more information about the project and contact details please visit: Bursaries-loans/funding-opportunities