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Application & Additional Information


Current BAccHons/PGDA students are eligible to apply for the Academic Traineeship Programme (ATP) once their June results are available.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the rule​s for the ATP (awaiting new version from SAICA)

  2. Contact your training office and obtain their permission to apply to the programme.

*Per SAICA's rules, candidates must have entered into a training contract with an accredited training office (with the exception of Thuthuka students who are not yet allocated to specific offices) to be eligible to participate in the ATP. Candidates (who are not Thuthuka students) who wish to apply for the 2024 ATP should therefore liaise with their training officers and communicate their interest in the programme to determine whether the training office would agree to release the candidate for a year to participate in the ATP.

Thuthuka students can proceed directly to step 3.

  1. Applications close at the end of the first week of August​, and require the following to be submitted to Tess Lubbe ( in one email:

  • Completed applicati​on form (pages 1 - 3) in Microsoft Word only
  • Copy of ID or passport if not SA citizen
  • CV and motivation for why you want to and should be an academic trainee
  • Copy of Matric Certificate
  • Complete university academic transcript + relevant degree certificates

  • An email from your training office (audit firm where you are signed) confirming they will allow you to participate in the ATP (refer point 2)

  1. Interviews are usually scheduled toward the end of August.


Additional information

For additional information on an academic traineeship, please contact the School of Accountancy at 021-808 3428, or Mrs. Tess Lubbe at 021-808 3683 or email: